William Scott and his “abstraction”

June 15, 2023

Some Day, I bought two books at Claris Books and one is “William Scott”.

Do any of you remember the “Kasahara Gallery”? Perhaps Takayuki Kasahara himeself wishes it to be etched in your memory. This gallry hosted three solo exhibitions of British artist William Scott, and through its exhibition catalog, I was fortunate enough to encounter the works of Scott.

Even today, you can access the Kasahara Gallery’s website and explore more of William Scott’s art on the Website of the artist himself. The exhibition took place in 1976, and unfortunately, little information remains about it.

In his later years, William Scott dedicated himself to depicting pears in his artwork. One can truly feel his distinct style, and personally, I have developed a fondness for his final piece, “Single Blue Pear, 1986.”

Scott possesses a repertoire of simple and abstract painting. He believe that the “aesthetic experience” is a tangible entity that captivates and lingers in one’s mind. It is from this perspective that he abstracts “form” and “memory” in his artistic methodology.